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Uber tech addicted, code muncher - exploring and sharing



Technology, gadgets, gizmos, data - no sugar coating it, sexy doesn't come into it. This life-changing, life-affirming, awesome bag of tricks and goodies has been shadowed by a level of geekery that's totally inaccessible to most.

Enter Anthony (looking dapper and chipper) a self-confessed code-muncher with the exposure across tech, data (hey basically the sleeping-tablet topics) who's made it his mission to liven-up that life-changing world of technology and science.

A midlander from Rugby who flew the nest to the big smoke, where he cut-his-teeth with all things tech, Anthony has worked (and to this day) in senior leadership for some of the worlds largest organisations. Alway's breathing the kiss-of-life into the dull and lifeless to create the cutting edge 'next big thing'.

Plus he's worked in Social Enterprise to bring technology to some unlikely places, like Anger Management, counselling and sexual health.

And...he is well respected and partnered with some of the worlds most recognisable software innovators advising and collaborating. A serial globe-trotter you'll see tweets in Vegas, Salt-Lake City, all over the place - exploring spiky new concepts, with a few giggles, extreme-sports and dance--off's along the way.

So...fun, quirky, vibrant, infectiously geeky, entertaining - and dare I say sexy (blush). If that's ringing-your-bell - look no further.

(Breath) Told you he was good. Get watching his showreel and have a chin-wag...


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